There are also enough specialists in Data Recovery Services who will explain to the poor user what exactly he was wrong about, how he used the disk incorrectly, exceeded the resource, etc.

In a separate post, I will tell you what causes disk failures, and how you can minimize the risks.

Discs break even under warranty , even if no one is to blame. This is a very common question from our customers: “What is wrong? How to avoid it?

– Nothing! Except not knowing that it could be.

I will add that any of them can occur without any violations of operation on your part and before the expiration of the warranty period.

The maximum not unusual place reasons of Transcend SD card failure are:

  • unintentional deletion of records or formatting of the media;
  • virus attacks;
  • partition damage.

Of precise trouble is the healing of a Transcend microSD reminiscence card in case of hardware failures. The backside line is this layout is smaller than SD or mini SD, however healing is viable in case you use a microscope and a soldering iron. If the cardboard does now no longer have treasured records, then you may first attempt the AutoFormat Tool utility.


Data Recovery Services


If this degree did now no longer help, you have to discover the VID / PID and flash the controller. If you by chance delete records from Transcend reminiscence playing cards, you may get better records if no new photographs had been written to the cardboard.

The maximum dependable manner is to apply the R-Studio utility (Figure 1). This utility is paid, however its buy is justified, because it offers a excessive possibility of healing.

With the help of R-Studio, it is possible to effectively restore a Twitter Transcend flash card. The utility also helps to find a damaged or deleted partition to recover information.

You can also determine the VID / PID and reflash the device controller.

In the process of data recovery, users may encounter a large number of unforeseen difficulties. Therefore, it is advisable not to experiment, but to turn to experienced specialists.




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